Code of Conduct


Understanding Responsibilities, Encouraging

Appropriate Behaviors and Ensuring Safety of Self and Others

This Code of Conduct reflects the agreed standards of behavior for members of the Fraser Valley Paddling Club (“FVPC”) in any forum, mailing list, web site, public meeting, private correspondence or other social or on-line media within the context of the activities of the FVPC. The club and club members agree to act according to the standards written down in this Code of Conduct and will defend these standards for the benefit of the club and the larger community.

Be considerate

You are working and paddling with others as part of a team and club so you are to be considerate of how your actions affect your team members and the club as a whole.

Be respectful

In order for the Fraser Valley paddling community to stay healthy its members must feel comfortable and accepted treating one another with respect is absolutely necessary for this to be achieved.

This means all members are to:

  • be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others;
  • treat all persons with respect, dignity and proper regard for their rights and obligations;
  • respect the privacy of others persons;
  • act at all times in a fair and sportsmanlike manner and in such a way as to ensure good relations within and between crew(s) and other organizations;
  • respect the property owned by the FVPC and agree to abide by any guidelines that govern the use of club equipment and property.

We do not tolerate personal attacks, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination.  Members are to respect other people, their contributions and, assuming, well-meaning motivation will make community members feel comfortable and safe.

We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into personal attacks. It’s important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a respectful one.

Be collaborative

Our community is made strong by mutual respect, collaboration and responsible behavior. This means encouraging teamwork, cooperation and understanding amongst members of the club in all aspects of the club’s activities.

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements, both personal and technical, happen all the time. Our community is no exception to the rule. Think deeply before turning a disagreement into a public dispute or a public display of disrespect.

Team members may speak to their captain, coach or DB/OC Director regarding code of conduct concerns.  If the matter cannot be dealt with appropriately within the team, it must be brought to the attention of the FVPC President for action at the next executive meeting.

All parties in a dispute have the right to make verbal and/or written presentations to the Club’s Executive Committee.

The FVPC‘s Executive Committee have the authority to issue a verbal warning, a written warning, period of suspension or a written letter of dismissal as determined by agreement of a quorum at an executive meeting if it is found that this Code of Conduct is not being followed by an individual or team.

I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct policies of the Fraser Valley Paddling Club while engaged in the activities of the club, and also agree to comply with all safety guidelines and procedures presented during all activities.