Costs and Waivers.

Club Costs

The membership fee to join the Fraser Valley Paddling Club is listed below. These fees help pay insurance, moorage costs, maintenance and upkeep on equipment, purchasing of new equipment, our web page, administrative, etc and are kept as low as possible. As a member of the FVPC you get the use of our boats, life jackets, paddles and coaching.

  • Both Dragon Boating and Outrigger Canoe Programs Combined: $250.00 per year
  • Junior members (13 to 18 years of age): $40 (max. of $80 per family)

In addition to the membership fees, each team may also charge a monthly fee to help offset costs in running their dragon boat team. These costs may include team shirt purchases, team tents, team paddles, regatta registration costs, etc. Each team independently decides on which regattas to compete in throughout the year.  Teams usually try to find sponsors and/or host fundraisers as a way to offset theses costs. As each team is an independent entity I would advice you to contact the Team Captains to get a more detailed idea of their fee structure.

Equipment Costs

As a member of the FVPC you are entitled to use the club equipment. This includes a life jacket, boat and paddle. As with any sport, you also have the option to purchase your own equipment. Costs in purchasing your own equipment will vary depending upon quality and personal taste. Expect to pay between $80 to $150 for your own life jacket. A dragon boat paddle will start at around the $100.00 and can easily reach above $300. The differences in price reflect the materials used. As the price of paddles increase, the weight of the paddle decreases. This is due to the different materials used.

As Dragon Boating is a water sport, we also suggest you purchase clothing that will meet your needs. The most important piece of equipment a paddler can own is a pair of neoprene paddling gloves. These gloves will keep your hands warm during the early spring practices and give you a good grip on your paddle.

Other items to think about are: rain wear (water proof or water resistant jacket, pants, shoes and hat), portable chair (for regattas), and change of clothes.