Battle of the Paddles.

Dragon boating is the ultimate team sport for ladies and gentleman and boys and girls of all ages. Having 20 team members paddling as a complete cohesive unit is the absolute key to success. This is why the sport of dragon boat offers the perfect environment for your next team building activity. Our Battle of the Paddles program offers a safe, enjoyable environment to bring together people with different abilities and strengths to achieve a common goal.

Started in 2004 this program has taught literally hundreds of members of our local community how to paddle in a dragon boat. Teams are usually created from the employee pools of local businesses and organizations. Each team is given a coach and a steersperson. The coach and steersperson instruct the paddlers on basic safety, technique and strategy.

Each team is given four practices to perfect their new found skills and to get ready for their regatta. The regatta places all teams against each for Battle of the Paddles supremacy. The top team goes away with the Challenge Cup and bragging rights for the year.

Past winners have included:

Save On Foods
City of Chilliwack
Valley Laser Eye Centre
Chilliwack Co-op

If this is something you or your company may be interested in I would suggest you contact us at  for more information.