Outrigger Canoe.

Originally founded in and around the islands of Hawaii, outrigger canoeing allows for some great fun and the ability to paddle the high seas of Harrison Lake. The Outrigger on its own is designed to handle more hostile water conditions, the attached “ama” is meant to add another base of support to allow the boat to be more stable. Unlike dragon boating, Outrigger Canoes usually race longer distances. Typical races can be anywhere from 5 to 10 km in a short course race to 17-25 km in a long course race.

FVPC’s has 2 OC-6 each holding 6 people. This includes 5 paddlers and 1 steersperson. When practicing or racing, paddlers simultaneously switch sides every 12-15 strokes so they can be more effective over long distances. In addition to the two OC-6s the club also has an OC-2 and two OC-1s. These boats hold two and one paddler respectively.

FVPC Safety Manual : On a glacial lake like Harrison, and truly on any body of water, safety is paramount.  Please familiarize yourself with the FVPC safety manual before going out.  All members in an OC 6 are required to go through a Huli Drill annually, and be familiar with their responsibilities in the event of a huli.  CORA’s website has a great page on huli recovery and a video on youtube. The FVPC hosts multiple huli drill clinics during the paddling season.