Safety Manual

The safety manual is intended to provide essential information for anyone participating in Fraser Valley Paddling Club (FVPC) water sport activities such as dragon boat and outrigger canoe paddling. Reading the manual should provide our members with an understanding of the FVPC safety rules and guidelines.   Measuring 60km/37mi in length, Harrison is the largest lake in south‐western British Columbia and the only major lake that lies only a few feet above sea level. This is a glacier‐fed lake and can be very cold. The lake contains two islands: Echo Island, which is visible from the lakefront, and Long Island where the water plunges a depth of over 274m/900ft. Harrison flows into the Harrison River which is a navigable tributary of the Fraser River. Weather and water conditions can change rapidly on Harrison Lake. These safety procedures have been developed to help our club members with water safety preparedness and prevention. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you are aware of an issue or concern that may affect your safety and your fellow paddlers, make it known prior to departing
the dock.

All crew members should be in agreement before going out on the water. If even one person is not sure about the safety of going out then all members should discuss the issue being brought forward.


The Boat Safety Rules are to be followed by all dragon boat teams, outrigger crews and individuals when using Fraser Valley Paddling Club boats
and equipment. All members must know FVPC safety procedures and how to use the safety equipment. Everyone using club equipment must be a current club member or signed a club waiver.

Incident Report

The safety of our members is of primary importance.  If there is an incident that arises, please let your board members know about it.  An incident report form can be found below.  Copies will also be available in the clubhouse.

Incident report form: